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Seoulmate: Your Destination for the Best Korean Fried Chicken in Mumbai

We are a Korean restaurant located in Bandra, Mumbai, and known for our

authentic Korean cuisine, especially the Korean fried chicken. The double-fried chicken has a crispy exterior and juicy, tender meat inside. Seoulmate offers a variety of sauces for their fried chicken, including classic options like soy garlic and spicy gochujang.

Seoulmate's Gangnam style spicy chicken wings is a must-try dish, coated in a sweet and spicy sauce made with gochujang and soy sauce. The sauce is sticky and caramelized, making it a perfect pairing with the crispy chicken. Another popular dish is the Ganjang chicken, which is coated in a savory soy sauce and topped with sesame seeds.

Apart from the fried chicken, Seoulmate offers other delicious Korean dishes such as bibimbap and bulgogi. The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming ambiance, making it a perfect spot for casual dining and lunch with friends.

Seoulmate is a great place to visit if you're a fan of Korean cuisine and want to try some of the best Korean fried chicken in Mumbai. Their crispy and flavorful chicken paired with the homemade sauces is a treat for your taste buds. So, head over to Seoulmate and indulge in some of the most delicious Korean food in the city.

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SEOULMATE, Bandra142/9, 29th Street, Chinchwadi, Opposite India Circus & IDBI Bank,


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